Glam Glow Bubbling Mask

by Tai
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Soooo, my 5 year old son said that he didn’t like it because “You look like a bad guy.” ¬†I have to admit that he was absolutely right. When I first put it on, it was scary ….not sexy at all, so this is not what you put on when your’e still in the early phases.ūüėȬ† It started off as a black fabric mask soaked in cleanser and when I put it on my damp face, it instantly started foaming up ! ¬†So cool! ¬†(see below‚¨áÔłŹ). ¬†5 minutes later, after removing the mask and massaging in the cleanser, there was not a trace of makeup and my skin was so soft!! ¬†Thumbs up on another amazing product @fabfitfun introduced me to!!

If you don’t already get their boxes sign up using the code FALLINLOVE at ¬†FabFitFun


GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET deep cleanse mask with Green Tea Teatoxi #FabFitfunAffiliate

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