Yay!!! Time to clean out my closet…said no one Ever!

by Tai
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It’s a struggle doing it just for yourself, but when you’ve got children, multiply the joy…😅Between Pinterest and a few strategies of my own, I’ve gotten together a few tips to make it less painful.

1) Make it a habit instead of additional chore. Keep a bag in your closet that’s specifically for items you come across that don’t fit, don’t wear, are out of style, or are terribly worn (frayed, pilling, shrunken, stretched out). Do this in your kids closets also.

2) When the bag starts to get full, sort thru it and see if you’ve changed your mind about anything. Probably not. Then, do the same for each person’s bag.

3) Put the bag in the front passenger seat of your car and drop it off at the nearest donation site of your choice or…..

I like to schedule a specific date for a home pickup by one of my favorite charities. * This is key for me. If I have a date scheduled for pickup, I’ll gather up and add as much stuff as possible because I know they’re coming.🤗.  It’s like I’m tricking myself into doing it…:)


I have never felt remorseful about a single item I’ve donated since I started doing it this way!  Try my method and let me know how you like it!!

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