Project: Kitchen Coffee Station

by Tai
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Coffee. It really is life. It’s a necessity I need it to function. Seriously.  I’m not truly awake until I have it.  So, being the well-rounded diy mom that I am,😉it only makes sense that I should have my very own coffee station.  Sure, Starbucks has never failed me, but I’m in it for the whole experience. ( I also like to enjoy it in my pjs) Just add home barista to my resume!  I like the aroma. I like brewing it. I like to savor every drop like it’s my last and then make more. I like the shiny little spoons and the special pretty cups for whatever coffee drink I’m in the mood for. So, yes, this project will make me oh so happy!

For my birthday in February, I subtly hinted😉 to my husband that I would really like my own coffee station (I had a few different buffets I was eyeing for the job) Seriously, it took some time but I’ve learned this is the way to go. Just be specific and tell them what you want (with link attached) and everyone is happy! A happy wife is a happy life!

Fast forward to delivery day … I am ecstatic…elated!! The day has come. I’ve been preparing for this since Christmas. New Nespresso machine still in the box, new pour over machine, new grinder. Now comes the challenge… I’ve got to make it inviting and uniquely mine. So mark today as the beginning of this project . Please comment with any suggestions or links to decor you think would work and I’ll keep you posted with my decorating finds!

Game on!!

P.S. The tree will probably have to find a new home, but we’ll see….

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