Be Brilliant!

by Tai
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I love when I find a treasure that I wasn’t even looking for and then find out that it’s a steal! That’s what happened yesterday! I was at HomeGoods looking for a gift and straightening their shelves (OCD maybe?) when I saw it sticking out from under a stack of wire baskets on the bottom shelf.  The “be” was missing the nail and was sticking straight out, but nonetheless, this piece spoke to me..!  In my current mode of self-actualization, I knew this was literally a sign! 🤩So, into my cart it went and as it did, I saw it…the red sticker and my heart soared…YESSSSSSSS! I think I might even have twerked a little I was so excited!!  $9.98 and then I got an additional 10% off because it was damaged. Hallelujah!!!!!  It was a simple two minute fix with clear Gorilla Glue and a quick wipe down and I LOVE IT!!!  I actually felt “brilliant” after this …so money and time well-spent!!!  Gotta love it!

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Bry May 23, 2018 - 7:10 pm

“be brilliant” love it 😄


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